Auxiliary Nurse

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Auxiliary Nurse

Job description:

Orcone Care is seeking to hire auxiliary nurses. The ideal candidate must be caring and compassionate with a keen interest in nursing, be self-motivated and strive to deliver high quality patient focused care. You need to be diligent, concerned, and keen to study the process.
We are looking for team players with excellent communication skills necessary to perform this role safely and efficiently. You will be working alongside registered nurses but will be able to work on your own initiative to provide excellent patient care. You will require to conduct basic patient care In a community setting to patients who are incapacitated or disabled, or with limited mobility.

The auxiliary nurse will help us with the following:

  • Providing a high standard of personal care to patients
  • Promoting independence where possible and support with mobility
  • Making beds, dressing patients, washing and toileting patients
  • Talking to patients, making them comfortable and feel safe and secure in their surroundings
  • Feeding at meal times, as well as logging food and fluid intake for patient records
  • Monitoring blood pressure, taking temperatures and monitoring weight
  • In some cases, administering medication to patients, however this will often be supervised by a medicator
  • Setting up equipment for a therapy session
  • Assisting a therapist in administering treatment
  • Administrative duties, including taking notes and ensuring that patient records are accurate and up to date

Requirements and skills

Proficiency in English

Verbal and written communication skills – for working effectively with a variety of individuals and professional groups

Organisational skills to deal with a diverse range of challenges

Compassion: People who need the service of a healthcare assistant may be sick, in pain, or no longer able to care for themselves due to advanced age or physical disability. The ability to empathise with a patient and see themselves in the same situation is an essential trait for any healthcare professional.

Patience: Patients who feel frustrated with their health or limitations may take it out on the closest person, which is a nurse or healthcare assistant in many cases. The ability to remain patient with complaints or even aggression is essential to providing great care. A nurse or nursing assistant should not take these things personally. Instead, he or she needs to empathise with the fact that the patient is scared, frustrated, in pain, or even angry. This has to do with the situation and not the person providing care.

Medical knowledge:  It’s useful to have medical knowledge so that you may assist your team members in developing and maintaining treatment plans. As an auxiliary nurse, you may work independently while checking on patients. If you notice that a patient’s health is declining, you may use your medical knowledge to determine the proper treatment for them.

Empathy: As an auxiliary nurse, you may work with patients that have illnesses or health conditions, so it’s important that you use empathy to build trust with them and show compassion. Some patients may feel nervous or overwhelmed while receiving medical treatment. You may help ease their stress by using a kind tone when speaking to them and checking on them frequently. Doing so may also help them feel more comfortable in a health care facility and they may be more receptive to treatment.

Gross Salary Per Annum: £20,500

Full Time, Permanent Position

For interested applicants, you may send your CV to info@orconecare.co.uk

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