Health Service Manager

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Health Service Manager

Job description:

Orcone Care is seeking to hire a health service manager for the financial, strategic and daily operations of running our care services. They will set a direction for the team, resolve any issues and provide guidance to team members. The candidate will work with both clinical and non-clinical staff, as well as other partner organisations, while staying abreast of important and relevant laws, regulations, policies, and procedures governing assigned clinic operations. They will manage the recruitment, selection, appraisal and development of staff. They will also liaise and negotiate with medical and non-medical staff and with people in external organisations.

The health service manager will help us with the following:

  1. Oversee, plan, organise and manage the day-to-day operations of our organisation
  2. Manage the cost, delivery and quality of healthcare services
  3. Manage clinical, professional, clerical and administrative staff
  4. Work towards ensuring quality and value for money for patients
  5. Manage contracts and service delivery agreements
  6. Handle communications and corporate affairs
  7. Use computers to manage information and financial data and to analyse and measure performance
  8. Set budgets and maintain finances within tight constraints

Requirements and skills

No previous work experience is required in a similar field. However, managerial experience and knowledge of the current issues and challenges in the care industry is a must

Proficiency in English

Verbal and written communication skills – for working effectively with a variety of individuals and professional groups

listening skills and the ability to both cooperate and negotiate with others

Organisational skills to deal with a diverse range of challenges

The ability to cope with pressure and ongoing change in the form of new medical technology and treatments, policies, practices, and reorganisation.

Postgraduate qualification or a health or management-related degree-level equivalent qualification


Gross Salary Per Annum: £38,500

Full Time, Permanent Position

For interested applicants, you may send your CV to info@orconecare.co.uk

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