Home Health Care

Home Health Care


We offer a wide range of home health services including:
• Catheter care
• Stoma care
• Simple wound care
• Vital signs monitoring such as blood pressure and pulse rate
• Diabetes monitoring and administration of insulin pens
• Non-invasive ventilation
• Gastrostomy care and feeding support.
Our services go beyond this list and we work with you to establish how we can deliver on your specific health need.
and social care.

Our Health Carer

Your health needs are met at home by our qualified Health Carer who are carefully matched according to the client’s individual requirements. Each Health Carer undergoes professional and clinical training by accredited health professionals, enabling them to deliver the right care, in the right way for each specific health condition. This is followed by an assessment that establishes the individual’s capability to perform that valuable role.

Stay well at Home

Our Health Carer accumulate a wealth of information about a client’s ongoing health and wellbeing. With this information, Orcone Care can support the work of primary and acute healthcare teams and GP practices, and ease pressures on health

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