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What is the Right Choice for?

the right care for

As a first step, have a conversation with your loved one to find out what support they may need. We’re here every step of the way with advice on talking about care with your family and can help you to explore the possibilities of having some external support.

The Government have announced £2.9 billion in local social care funding due to coronavirus.
If you or a loved one needs support at home, there are funding options available to you. Call us today.

After an initial conversation, you may wish to arrange a needs assessment with your local authority to decide on the level of care you or your relative may need. Alternatively, contact us for a free consultation.

Deciding on the right kind of care

To help you make the right decision about care for you or your loved one, find out more about the difference between home care and residential care and the difference in costs between home care and residential care. We understand that, where possible, most people would prefer to stay living at home where their precious memories are. Getting a little extra support at home is a good step to introduce the idea of care slowly. It also works out as great value for money, as it is a fraction of the cost of most residential care options.

Choosing the right Care Company for your care Provision

When searching for a care company, you may want to look at its most recent inspection report which provides a rating on how the service is performing. The independent regulator varies according to region:
• England is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
• Wales is regulated by Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW)
• Scotland is regulated by the Care Inspectorate
• Northern Ireland is regulated by Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority
Each regulator has a duty to monitor and inspect all organisations providing care to ensure standards are being met.

Care Reviews
Making your Care Choice

Helping those closest to you to make a considered choice means that precious family time can be quality time.
We will work with you to provide flexible, personalised home care based on what you would like, how and when you want it.
Discover more about our range of home care services or book a consultation with us to discuss your needs.

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